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Solutions For Municipal Markets Across Massachusetts

Providing peace of mind for employees and their families

At Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company, we are dedicated to the promise we make to our customers – to provide financial peace of mind for working Americans and their families.

Today, offering workplace life insurance products that help both employers and employees deal with the rising cost of traditional benefits isn’t just good business, it’s the right thing to do. At Boston Mutual Life Insurance, we understand that we’re all in this together, and together, we can help provide a measure of financial security for the people that matter most to you. We are honored to serve various municipalities and their communities across Massachusetts, and have been helping provide peace of mind to this market since the 1950’s.

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Andy Mclean

Andrew P. McLean
Vice President, Workplace Solutions
Phone: 800-669-2668 Ext.505
[email protected]


Nicole Girard

Nicole Girard
Director of Client Relations
Phone: 800-669-2668 Ext. 689
Mobile: 203-395-8145
[email protected]


NEW NEWS! At Boston Mutual, we are pleased to offer a turn-key solution for Municipalities across the Commonwealth to assist your employees who are transitioning into retirement better understand their options when it comes to life insurance. Our trained Insurance Professionals will host educational sessions for your employees approaching retirement and offer solutions as they enter this new phase. Please reach out to Nicole Girard to learn more!

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