Certainty Amidst Life’s Many Uncertainties

Life Insurance Offers Certainty Amidst Life’s Many Uncertainties

Of the many choices you make in a day, choosing life insurance can help safeguard your financial future

Life is unpredictable – but your financial future doesn’t have to be. There are many options when it comes to life insurance, and the American Council of Life Insurers – ACLI partnered with the online publication Politico to help spread the word in a recent article.

Paul Quaranto, who serves as the Chairman of the ACLI and Chairman, CEO and President of Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company, contributed to the article, stressing the important role life insurers play in preparing for the future.

Paul A Quaranto, Jr , Mba, Llif

“While no one can predict what the future will hold, life insurers can make sure everyone can prepare for it.”

-Paul A. Quaranto, Jr.
Chairman, CEO & President
Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company

American Council of Life Insurers’ Board of Directors

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