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Notice of Information Privacy Practices

Acrobat PDF Version of Standard Privacy Policy

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company

(Herein referred to as "we", "us", our")

Your privacy is important to us. We believe in ensuring the privacy of the information you give to us. This notice describes our privacy practices. We restrict access to your non-public personal information ("information") about you.

We restrict it to those employees who have a need to know it. They need it to provide products and services to you. To protect your information, we maintain: physical; electronic; and procedural safeguards.


We collect financial and health information about you in order to conduct business. Such uses are: to process requests for insurance products; to provide customer service; to process claims; to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements; and for other lawful purposes. We collect this information from you as well as from other sources. Information we need to collect varies according to the products and services you request. It may include information from:

  • your applications and other forms.
  • other transactions you've had with us.
  • consumer reporting agencies.
  • your medical providers and health records.
  • other sources.


We treat the information we have collected about you in a confidential way. We do not disclose information about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as permitted or required by law. We may share your information with third parties without your authorization as permitted by law. Such information is used to:

  • process or service your insurance transactions with us.
  • perform underwriting, administrative, account maintenance and claims functions.
  • provide customer service or reinsurance coverage.
  • protect against fraud.
  • or perform other business functions on our behalf.

We may also share your information with:

  • a consumer reporting agency in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • a third party to comply with federal, state or local laws, subpoenas or summonses.
  • or as otherwise permitted or required by law.

Third parties receiving information from us are required to: keep it confidential; and to comply with all applicable federal and state privacy laws.

Information regarding your insurability will be treated as confidential. Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company or its reinsurers may, however, make a brief report thereon to the MIB, Inc., formally known as Medical Information Bureau, a not-for-profit membership organization of insurance companies, which operates an information exchange on behalf of its members. If you apply to another MIB member company for life or health insurance coverage, or a claim for benefits is submitted to such a company, MIB, upon request, will supply such company with the information about you in its file.

Upon receipt of a request from you, MIB will arrange disclosure of any information in your file. Please contact MIB at 866-692-6901 (TTY 866 346-3642). If you question the accuracy of the information in MIB's file, you may contact MIB and seek a correction in accordance with the procedures set forth in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. The address of MIB's information office is: 50 Braintree Hill Park, Suite 400, Braintree, Massachusetts 02184-8734.

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company, or its reinsurers, may also release information from its file to other insurance companies to whom you may apply for life or health insurance, or to whom a claim for benefits may be submitted. Information for consumers about MIB may be obtained on its website at www.mib.com.


You have the right to be advised in writing of the specific reasons for an adverse underwriting decision. Such decisions include:

  • declining your application for insurance.
  • offers to insure you at a higher than standard rate.
  • termination of your coverage.

You must request this information in writing within 90 days from the date we mail you notice of the decision. We will furnish you with a statement of the specific reason for our decision within 21 days of receiving your written request for it.


You have the right to obtain access to all the information we have on you. You have the right to request: the amendment; correction; or deletion of such information. To do so, write us at the address below. If you have questions about this notice or wish more information about our privacy policies, please write us at:

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company
Attention: Privacy Office
120 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021